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Pollution Control Services is an environmental laboratory doing business in South Texas since 1975. Since the company's purchase in November 1986 by Chuck Wallgren, PCS received the "Best Lab" commendation award from the Alamo Chapter of the Laboratory Analysts Association the last two years the award was given. Analytical procedures used by PCS are consistent with requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and EPA. PCS currently employs five full time personnel for routine analytical testing and sampling services and one full time secretary and office manager to handle reporting and administrative requirements. Company President, Mr. Chuck Wallgren, manages the technical direction of all phases of environmental services at PCS.

Analytical services include routine chemical, bacteriological and biological testing of potable water, streams, reservoirs, municipal and industrial facilities, and commercial processes and waste streams. Laboratory capabilities also extend to the analysis of soils and sludges from treatment and disposal operations as well as soils contaminated by subsurface leaks from underground storage facilities or other hazardous substances. PCS maintains a variety of associated field sampling equipment available for field work or rental. PCS maintains arrangements with several associated laboratories for analytical testing of parameters that are beyond PCS laboratory capabilities.


PCS will prepare a final laboratory report with relevant QA/QC information on all samples submitted for analytical evaluation as standard procedure. Additionally, summary reports on batches of client samples are available in a spreadsheet format and/or computer disk. Most summary reports are available at no additional charge to the client. Summary reports that integrate graphics or incorporation of additional information are available for reasonable fees. Please contact our management personnel for further information regarding any special needs. PCS will maintain all relevant data generation information on the services it provides to the client on hand for a maximum of seven (7) years after which the information will be destroyed and disposed of. Analytical reports of sample analysis will be archived on computer tape and stored for as long as reasonably possible beyond the seven (7) year time frame.

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